Product Code: FAQ-ALL

1Q. Do you sell off the rack?

1A. Yes we do.


2A Approximately 6-8 months depending on designer.

3Q Can stock be checked to see if a gown is in stock at the factory?

3A Yes we can, it is only a check, keep in mind the gowns are sold nationwide so if you only want to check you are not
guaranteed until you place the order.

4Q. Is there sales tax on bridal gowns?

4A. Not in Minnesota!!!

5Q.What is the payment policy for purchasing a gown?

5A. 65% of the price is due at time to place order, remainder due when gown arrives.


6Q. Do any of your designers allow you to change anything on the gown?

6A. YES, one of our designers (Casablanca) will let you custom design your own gown. So if you love one of their gowns
butt... they can change that.
6A. Maggie Sottero has started customizing several of their gowns like sleeves, trains, sparkle etc.


7Q Do You charge for shipping gowns?

7A. NO, we do NOT charge to ship gowns to The White Rose Bridal, the price is what you pay.
8Q.. Do you charge to steam and inspect the gown when it arrives?

8A. NO, we steam and inspect the gown when it arrives for free.
9Q What if I don't want to order the size that the designer recommends?

9a We have you simply sign that you want to order a different size and have you sign it.
10Q. Do I get a discount for bridesmaids gowns if I purchase my bridal gown?

10A. Yes, $20.00 Off all maids, mothers and flower girl gown.

11Q Do you have a seamstress?.

11A. NO, we have a local list of seamstresses that DO NOT work for us. They are all independent owners, they set their
own times and $. amounts to charge.
12Q. Can I return a gown that I purchased?

12A. No All sales are final.