The White Rose Bridal and Formal Wear
The White Rose Bridal and Formal Wear


Product Code: 95
A list for Emergency Use


The Essentials:
**Aspirin (or pain-reliever of choice)
**Bottled water
**Clear nail polish (for stocking runs)
**Corsage pins
**Dental floss/toothpicks
**Eye drops
**Extra earring backs
**Extra panty hose
**Hair pins/ponytail holders
**Hand towelettes
**Hem tape
**Mini sewing kit
****Non Scented Baby Wipes (to take stains out of your dress)
**Safety pins
**Scotch tape
**Small folding scissors
**Smelling salts
**Static cling spray
**Straws (so the bride can stay hydrated without messing up her lipstick
**Lint Roller
For Maid of Honor to keep on hand for the bride:
**Breath mints/spray
**Cell phone
**Cash (you never know)
**Hair spray
**Linen handkerchief
**Make-up (for touch-ups)
**Nail file
**Perfume/Body Spray/Antiperspirant
**Tampons/sanitary napkins
**Granola bars or easy-to carry snacks
**Krazy Glue - for nail fixes, shoe heels, ­­