The White Rose Bridal and Formal Wear 614652
The White Rose Bridal and Formal Wear 614652


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Reaches just to the floor beneath your dress hem, ‘brushing’ the floor as you walk. This style works with virtually all wedding types as it can be formal to less formal, appropriate for outdoor weddings for its lack of drag, and fine for beach weddings. Brides say they can move most easily in a train of this type. Walking, turning and moving is not a problem during the ceremony, and they’re happy not to have to carry around six pounds of bustled fabric all night.


A French-inspired, very long train, often over 10 feet long.


Attached at the waist and extends dramatically 6-8 feet behind the gown, as the train of choice for many ultra-formal weddings.


A formal to semi-formal style, the chapel train attaches at the waist and extends 3-4 feet behind the gown.


A short and maneuverable train, the court attaches at the waist and extends behind you for 1-2 feet.


Also known as the ‘Monarch’ train, since it has been used in royal weddings such as the late Princess Diana’s. An ultra-formal style, the royal train extends ten feet or more from its attachment position at your waist.


Extending for a length of 5-7 feet behind the dress, this semi-formal to formal train is a mix of chapel and cathedral-length.


Attaches at your shoulders or the top of your back (yes, like a cape) and falls most often to the bottom hem of your dress, but may also be designed to reach just a little bit beyond the hem.