Education - Gown Silhouettes
Education - Gown Silhouettes


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Gown Silhouettes


Narrow at the bodice, with vertical seams that flow right down to a slightly flared-out skirt.


The bottom of the skirt, as well as perhaps several layers of fabric comprising the skirt, is cut on a diagonal angle.

Ball gown

A fitted bodice that comes in at the waist and then flares out to a full, floor-length skirt with lots of volume for a more formal and traditional bridal look.


A fitted bodice to a narrow, tailored look over the waist and hips, and straight to the floor. No flares, no poofs, and not as fitted as a sheath. You can do floor length or shorten it to calf-length for a less formal wedding.


A Victorian-style of gown, this one features a fitted bodice with a skirt that starts right at the base of the chest and hangs down in a straight, slim line to the floor.


Form-fitting from the chest to a tiny waist, over the hips and then down to the knees, where fabric flares out in dramatic fashion like a mermaid’s tail.


A close, form-fitting dress from bodice all the way down to the skirt. May have a slit at the legs for easier walking.