Education - Additional Gown Elements
Education - Additional Gown Elements


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Additional Gown Elements


Fabric or lace cut-outs affixed to the gown, train or veil.


Refers to the embellishments created by gluing or sewing crystals, bugle beads, pearls, gemstones or other accents onto the bodice, hems or other elements of the ensemble.

Border trim

Embellishments added to bodice edges, straps, and hems, in ruffled, scalloped or braided designs.


Gathering the train up to attach securely via obscured clips or hooks at the back of the dress, to present an attractive gathered effect above the gown’s skirt.


The layers of tulle or netting worn under the gown’s top layers to add extra volume to a full skirt. Crinoline may be attached to the dress, or added as a separate undergarment.


A narrow trim for hems, straps or veils, created from lace, embroidery, beading, or other accents.


Hand- or machine-stitched decorative designs created on the gown, bodice, train, or veil. Patterns vary from straight lines to intricate designs.


In the sequin family, paillettes are larger round accents sewn on fabric at the top and dangling to provide movement.


Gathers or pleats in fabric, often seen at the waistline.

Seed pearls

Tiny real pearls used to embellish gowns, trains, veils and other elements. Pearls in irregular shapes are called baroque pearls.


Fabric that has been gathered up into 3 or more parallel lines, often extending down vertically under a waistline, or used as accent on shoulder straps.