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Education - Viels

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Type of Veils


Falls to a length between the knee and the ankle, providing great movement.


This is a single layer, shorter veil that is worn over the face during the ceremony, and then flipped back over the head after the ceremony. It can be worn alone and then removed after the ceremony, or paired as a layer to a longer veil.


The most formal style of veil, cathedral is usually paired with a cathedral length train. As such, the veil extends 3 ½ yards from the headpiece, with a significant amount trailing behind you as you walk. Stylists use the word ‘regal’ to describe this veil.


This formal style of veil extends 2 ½ yards from the headpiece, extending over the train.


Two layers of veil, one shorter length set over a longer length. This may be a combination of a blusher or fingertip and a longer veil.


This veil extends down to your elbows, a popular look for less formal weddings where you still want the bridal touch.


This veil extends down to your fingertips when your arms are hanging straight. This is the most versatile and most popular veil length for its ease of mobility.


As a more informal style, this veil reached just down to shoulder-length or an inch or two below your shoulders.


A gathering at the crown of the head, creating a cascading effect around the face. This veil is most often seen in shoulder- or elbow-length to maximize volume, but may also be created in fingertip length.


This Spanish-style of evil is traditionally circular in shape, made of lace, tulle or chiffon, and is most often worn draped over the head, clipped into place at the temples with jeweled pins or combs, cascading elegantly over the shoulders and down the back. Modern style include a tulle or chiffon veil with intricate lace designs around the edges, and the length may extend to cathedrale length as well.


The pouf veil is made from a gathering of veil material where it connects to the headpiece, creating a natural ‘pouf’ to the shoulder-length veil. Stylists use the word ‘playful’ to describe this veil.


Reaches from your headpiece to the hem of your dress