Education - Headpieces
Education - Headpieces


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Instead of a traditional headpiece or tiara, a hair clip or comb is attached to the back of the head, and the veil is attached to that.


A circular clip or band that contains hair styled into a bun, or encircles part of an up-do.


Another term for a haircomb, a simple or jeweled comb may be used as the sole hair décor, or as the attachment for a veil.


As the name implies, a small and simple or larger and more ornate, jewel-studded full crown that attaches to your head via hair combs or clips. Your personality will decide the size – small and delicate for a touch of regal look, or large and dramatic.


A half-circle crown of fabric-and-comb headpiece that is held in place by obscured or jeweled hairpins.


A full headwrap or slide-on clip, the headband may be solid fabric such as a shiny satin, or a pearl or crystal-adorned width.

Juliet cap

A circular cap that fits over the top of your head, either simple or adorned, worn either alone or as the attachment for a veil. The Juliet cap is named for its style reminiscent of Shakespearean plays.


A jeweled piece, much like a barrette in wide or thin design, attached appropriately to your hairstyle, most often to the side of your hair’s part.


A patterned, lace or crocheted ‘bun holder’ that fully encases and secures an up-do.

Tapered headband

The middle of the headband is wider than the narrower ends of the headband.


A partial crown piece affixed to the crown of the head, often held in place by combs on the sides and with additional pins. Tiaras may be thin with minimal adornment, or much larger and ornate, featuring gemstones, crystals, pearls or tiny ceramic flowers.


A full circle made from flowers and greenery, which also may be adorned with beads and crystals.